Cosmetic treatments

In CBC we are conscious of the fact that many people don’t want, or simply aren’t the right candidates for facial cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance due to slight signs of aging. Crows feet, among other wrinkles caused by facial expressions, noticeable wrinkles from smiling near the nose and lip region, sun spots, unsightly scars, or small varicose veins can all be easily corrected through cosmetic treatments offered by CBC Surgery Institute. And what’s even better, in just minutes, with no scarring and no recovery time, so you are able to carry on with your daily life without any disruptions.

The most popular treatments among patients at CBC are botox, hialuronic acid facial fillers, and cosmetic treatments with our all new, innovative laser treatment equipment, to make you look younger with surgery. The advantage of these procedures is that they can be performed relatively quickly in the doctor’s office, and postoperative care is not necessary, leaving no visible traces. You will be able to undergo a complete facial rejuvenation with these cosmetic treatments, thus improving your physical appearance, but without changing your facial expressions. You will notice that you like better and people will notice that you look better but nobody will know why.

The cosmetic doctors at CBC who perform the cosmetic treatment procedures are in charge of these ‘big small’ changes without taking away from who you are, nor your personality. We prefer natural results here at CBC and stay away from superficial, inexpressive or so called ‘botox faces’.

If you wish to receive more information or would like to know if you are a good candidate for a cosmetic treatment, don’t hesitate to call us. Request a consultation by phone or by filling out a contact form online.