Málaga, the capital of the region, is the fifth largest city in population in Spain. It is situated on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, in a privileged natural enclave.

The Mediterranean Sea surrounds the southern coast of Spain and the mountains of Málaga, which protect the area from the create. The Costa del Sol is known for its micro-climate and mild temperatures thanks to the sea which regulates the temperature. The warmest months are July to August and the coldest are from December to February, although it is still sunny and pleasant during this time. The temperature vary throughout the year from 25º C maximum to 13 ºC minimum.

Málaga turimso costa del sol
Málaga’s leisure activities are one of its most exciting features, among which are visits to its numerous wolrd-renowned museums such as the Picasso, monuments, it’s Mediterranean gastro tourism, and of course its beautiful beaches. Málaga hosts one of the most important airports in Spain as well, which makes it easy for patients from other countries to access.

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