Fly-in Program

Are you thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgery in Marbella with our expert surgeons at CBC Surgery Institute, but you find it complicated coming from another city or country? Don’t let that get in your way! Many patients who confide in Dr. Muñoz and Dr. Menéndez come from outside the Costa del Sol and we have a designed a special protocol for patients just like you in order to make your experience easier and more comfortable.

Don’t make your surgery about being a difficult time, rather a pleasant holiday in the Costa del sol soaking up the sun, and a nice break in which you take advantage to improve your physical appearance.

Below, we will explain the process step by step on how to get started with your surgery or treatment so that your experience is comfortable and flawless, and so that the distance doesn’t have to be a boundary between us.

Step one - initial contact
– Reserve your appointment by phone or by filling out our online contact form, and by paying a personal visit to Dr. Muñoz or Dr. Menéndez. In the event you live in Spain, we advise you to visit us at CBC for your personal assessment. In the event this option is impossible for patients living abroad, the following options may apply.


– Request a virtual consultation

The ideal way for a patient who is unable to travel to the doctor’s office to get their own personal evaluation as part of the initial contact with Megan, the international patient coordinator, and the surgeons themselves.



During the virtual consultation, our international patient coordinator, Megan, will contact you personally too go over all doubts and concerns over Skype. Apart from listening to and evaluating your wants and needs, and getting to know your expectations of improvement, she will briefly go over your medical history and will then request that you send three photos so that the surgeons can evaluate the case as they would normally in the office.

Step two - booking your surgery date

Once you’ve decided on your surgery, and our surgeons have been able to properly evaluate your case, we will proceed to book your surgery date. Our international patient coordinator will offer you a list of available dates that best adapt to your schedule. She will then send the personalized consent forms by email, which will have been previously explained in the virtual consultation.

A deposit will be required by international patients to reserve the surgery date which can be done easily and securely from the comfort of your own home through a bank transfer.

The same day of the surgery, before the operation, the doctors will perform a physical evaluation, as well as the complete pre-op procedure as well as a preanesthetic consultation to guarantee maximum safety and security. This process will take approximately 2 hours.

After, once all questions and doubts have been resolved, we will proceed with the surgery, a personalized and friendly treatment guaranteed in order for our patients to have the best experience possible.

Step three - Postop recovery

Según el tipo de cirugía a realizar la estancia hospitalaria postoperatoria puede variar. Generalmente las cirugías suelen conllevar entre una o dos noches de estancia como máximo. En la consulta virtual se aclarará la estancia estimada en tu caso.

Tras estar aptos para el alta hospitalaria, existen dos opciones.

– Regresar a su domicilio. esta opción es válida en casos de pacientes que residan en provincias cercanas a Málaga, y deseen finalizar su recuperación en la comodidad de su domicilio habitual.

Depending on the type of surgery, the hospital stay requirement can vary. Generally, the surgeries usually require between one to two nights maximum hospital stay. The estimated time in recovery will be clarified in the virtual consultation.

After the patient has been released from the hospital, there are two options.

To return back home. This option is ideal for those who live in the Costa del Sol region or nearby who wish to finish recovering from the comfort of their own home.

The other option is to stay in the Costa del Sol in Málaga or Marbella, depending on where the patients opts to have surgery. This option is for patients who come from far away in Spain or from another country, or who simply wish to recover on the beautiful southern coast of Spain peacefully and comfortably, close to the hospital. CBC offers luxury and affordable apartments very close to the hospital for the patient’s convenience, also very close to the sea and all major shopping areas. If you would like help with accommodations or to learn more on tourism and vacationing in the area, please contact us and we will send you a list of all the options available. Airport pickup and drop-off is also provided on request.

Once you return home, you’ll be able to rest easy, and everyone will comment on how good you luck after a few weeks of rest and relaxation in the Costa del Sol!


Step four - Revisions

Usually, we are able to fit all the revisions into the patient’s schedule if they come from other countries. In the event that the patient needs to leave before all the revisions are completed, we can also do the revisions over a virtual consultation online, or by phone assistance that is available 24 hours.