When I decided to have surgery, it was because I had lost 36 kilos, and despite doing lots of exercise for an entire year, the flesh and skin were detached. My first encounter with Dr. Muñoz was great because he explained everything really well and encouraged me to have surgery because it was truly necessary, and would be an important change in my body for me.

When they took me down to the operating room, I was very nervous even though I was sure of what I was doing, and I went in crying like a baby. The tears lasted 30 seconds because the nurses and anesthesiologists, surgeons and personnel calmed my nerves and the crying stopped all together. I really appreciate this because, thanks to falling asleep calmly, I woke up calmly. When I woke up from the anesthesia I didn’t feel any pain, only discomfort and maybe a little nausea, but as soon as I said I felt nauseous, they made it go away in 5 seconds.

In the room, I was uncomfortable but alright, happy and ready to start my new life.
I remember each and every one of the people who were there for me in the surgery room. I only have words of gratitude towards them.

After a few days passed, I was able to get up on my own to go to the bathroom, I could do my hair and I didn’t have any unpleasant pain at any time. Just discomfort. I imagine that everyone’s body is different.

It’s been 13 days ago today since I had surgery and I’m more than well, although I am still trying to avoid physical exertion to be on the safe side.

My chest is nice, my stomach looks good, and even with the inflammation I’m very content and happy.
I would highly recommend this medical team because they treated me as if I were family, they didn’t allow for anything to hurt, they were attentive to me at all times, a team that is happy to show up to work, and that happiness is contagious.

Don’t doubt in choosing to improve your physical appearance with this team of medical professionals, I can assure you that you will be very pleased with the results. I’ve been a satisfied patient since 6 in the afternoon on July 2nd. Thanks a bunch to all.


Breast augmentation, Breast lift, Abdominplasty and Liposuction

Since the first couple days in which I went to be informed on the surgery, the treatment was excellent. They talked about everything really clearly with me, kept it simple and made me feel comfortable at all times.

I had it clear that if I had surgery, it would be with them. It was all about being kind and making things easy for me. During the operation, I felt like I had a support network at every moment and even when I went into the operating room, they took me by the hand to calm me down, and that sensation is how you know you’re in good hands.

After the surgery, I had doubts about what I could and couldn’t do, because it was bothering me… I expressed all my concerns to Dr. Muñoz and he always thoroughly explained the phases I had to go through, the scarring after the stitches… and always with a great amount of patience, which made me feel much more calm and relaxed.

I would recommend them because they are excellent professionals and apart from that, they treated me as if I were a part of the family and not just like another patient in the line-up. Apart from that, the results were incredible. I had my doubts in the beginning, but I’m convinced that it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I would recommend them to the whole world.


Breast augmentation

My name is Yolanda and I’m 26 years old. I had breast augmentation surgery on September 14th, 2015 with Dr. Antonio Muñoz and his medical team, one of whom is Cristina. At the first couple consultations where I received all the information, Dr. Anotnio Muñoz and Cristina were very attentive and friendly.

In the hospital everyone was so nice and attentive as well. The first day after surgery I had a lot of pain and discomfort, throwing up all day. The first week at home I continued to have pain and was having a tough time. But after, little by little, I started to improve and to get better and now three months after the operation, everything is great and I am back to my normal routine. As far as the post-op revisions, I was very happy with the treatment I received from Dr. Muñoz and Cristina, most of all for the patience they had with me, very nice and caring, I have got to like them a lot.


Breast augmentation

Their treatment toward me both in the preop and the postop was exquisite, you feel like you have someone there with you at all time and taken care of both by Dr. Muñoz and his nurse, Cristina. I would like to specially mention the surgical team as well who are so calm and natural about the process that they help you feel relaxed. The breast augmentation recovery wasn’t painful for me at all as far as what I expected, and I could rest easy with peace of mind knowing that my implants have a lifetime guarantee.


Breast augmentation

I had been wanting a breast augmentation for many years because my breasts were unequal and thanks to CBC y dream came true. The treatment was incredible on their part, I was informed at all times on the details of the operation and postop recovery. I’m very happy to have put my surgery in your hands and you did an excellent job, I’m very satisfied with the results and thank you for the revisions, advice, and for everything. Thank you so much!


Breast augmentation

I have wanted to get an abdominoplasty since years ago. The first thing I looked for was professionalism and someone I could trust, which is why I chose to have the surgery with Dr. Muñoz. Since minute one he gave me the peace of mind I needed, he resolved all  my doubts and uncertainties, and I couldn’t be happier. I recommend him without a doubt.


No complaints at all as far as the treatment I received from the medical team and Quirón hospital, I give it a 10. Doctor Antonio Muñoz and Cristina showed maximum professionalism and friendliness with the patient, another 10 without a doubt. Forever grateful!


Breast reduction, Liposuction

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time, I wasn’t scared, and I wasn’t scared because I was in the hands of Dr. Antonio Muñoz, and I knew that if it were in his hands, everything would turn out well, and it did. He performed a radical double masectomy with breast reconstruction and just 15 days have passed since the surgery and I am already back to my normal routine.

I was fortunate enough to meet Cristina as well, who helps you to forget about all the troubles and heartache this brings. If I had to describe her it in adjectives, I would define it as HUMANITY and SIMPLICITY which make you feel like you are part of the family and that for people who are up against this disease and are going in for this operation means the world!

I want to thank the treatment they had toward me and how easy they made things…I have a long road ahead, but I know if they are there on top of things that everything will turn out well.

Some people say that doctors are just doing their jobs, I think there are many ways to do a job, and if all doctors did their job like Antonio Muñoz, things would be a lot easier.


Breast Cancer Surgery

I had an abdominoplasty and liposuction with Dr. Antonio Muñoz two months ago and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The treatment I received from him and his nurse, Cristina was a perfect 10. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back again, which is precisely why I highly recommend them.



I had a liposuction and lipolaser done with Dr. Muñoz in my stomach and waist. I had always wanted to do it but I never did because I was scared of the surgery room. The truth is that they transmit so much confidence and trust that it made for an amazing experience, and I had a great time leading up to the surgery. The results are incredible, and I got the waist I have always wanted. Thank you.


Liposuction and Lipolaser

I have always wanted to get a liposuction because I would accumulate fat in an area of my stomach that I just couldn’t get rid of no matter what I did. Dr. Muñoz told me about the possibility to get a liposuction while taking advantage of the new machine, Body-jet, to be able to take advantage of the fat to sculpt my gluteus, and I’m really glad I did. Although the recovery was a bit uncomfortable at first, I have the figure I have today that I’m really happy with, and the best part is that my butt looks completely natural. A big thanks to Cristina also for her constant help and support.


Brazilian butt lift

I decided to have surgery with Dr. Muñoz after having lost 50 kg, recommended by my surgeon. I got a thigh lift at the same time and spider vein removal as well. Their treatment was excellent at all times and you never feel unattended at any point in time. The recovery is tough because I had a lot of excess skin, and it was two operations in one, but aftr 2 weeks I was already back to my normal life with the bandages. I never had tight skin but now, not only do I have a better body, but I can walk normally without the skin rubbing and no discomfort in the groin area. Great job. Thanks for everything.


Thigh lift

After a stomach reduction, I lost 40 kilos. After one year, when it stabilized, my surgeon recommended that I consult Dr. Antonio Muñoz to see about having surgery on my arms because it really bothered me in my work as a makeup artist. In the consultation, Dr. Muñoz transmitted confidence and a sense of security, which is why I decided to have surgery two weeks later, and it’s the best decision I’ve made. The results were excellent and the recovery was not hard at all. The good experience I had has given me the courage to have an abdominoplasty as well in the near future, as well as a thigh lift. I recommend Dr. Muñoz and his team without a doubt, you won’t be disappointed.



Arm lift

I went to Dr. Muñoz’s office recommended by a friend who had surgery with him.
During the consultation, he explained the entire process in detail, from the surgery to the implants, to the scars. I tested out different models and decided to go for 400. Two weeks later I had surgery and, apart from the first three days which are pretty painful, if I would have known how the rest would be I would have had surgery sooner. I’m very happy with the results and the scars are two small lines that are barely noticeable. Thank you so much.

Breast augmentation

A friend of mine who works with Dr. Muñoz recommended that I pay him a visit. I went because I wanted to get a breast augmentation, but after the evaluation, he said I needed a breast lift because my breasts had fallen quite a bit.
In the end, I decided to have surgery and it went much better than I could have possibly expected, there was hardly any pain and my chest looks amazing. The scars are only in along the areolas and I was able to go home the same day. Thanks so much to the both of you!



Breast lift

I’m 17 years old and I went to Dr. Muñoz’s office in Quirón Hospital because I had constant pains in my chest because my breasts were overly large. After a few treatments with no improvement I decided to get a breast reduction. He is a very pleasant person in the evaluation and easy to talk to, transmitting confidence and trust. The recovery after the operation was good, very little pain, and apart from getting rid of the pains I had, y chest has a very nice shape now and is much more perky. I am very happy with everything and I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Dr. Muñoz and his team on a job well done.


Breast reduction

I had gynecomasty surgery with Dr. Muñoz after getting several medical opinions. I had pain in both nipples when they would rub against clothes and I had a big complex when it came to wearing tight shirts because it was very noticeable. He was the only doctor who told me that in order to correct everything I would have to do a double surgery, with scars on the nipples and a liposuction in the chest. I had surgery two weeks later and the change was spectacular from the very beginning. Thanks for your help and I recommend Dr. Muñoz to everyone needs to have a gynecomasty operation.



I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went to Dr. Muñoz because I had good recommendations from friends. Because of my clinical history and the fact that I am just 29 years old, he recommended that I get an operation to remove the cancer as well as a breast reconstruction surgery. I was in the hospital for two days and after having completed both treatments I couldn’t be more grateful to my surgeon and Cristina. I am so grateful for their sensitivity and the humanity they showed both me and my family. I recommend Dr. Muñoz and his team without a doubt.


Reconstructive breast surgery

My name is María and I’m 52 years old. I had a fice lift operation with Dr. Menéndez 3 years ago and I only have words of appreciation for his treatment in the consultation, his explanations, and of course, for such incredible results. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back.


Face lift

I’m a patient of Dr. Menéndez’s and I had a blepharoplast in the upper and lower eyelides 7 months ago. I regret not having done it sooner, because I had a really big complex from the bags under my eyes and my saggy eyelids, but I couldn’t muster up the courage to have surgery because I was afraid. After meeting Dr. Menéndez, his explanations were clear and simple, and I decided to have surgery after a friend recommended him to me who had the same surgery. I recommend him because he is an amazing professional and the surgeries I’ve seen done by him have all had excellent results.



I had a rhinoplasty to fix the large beak-like hump I had on my nose with Dr. Menéndez. I’m very pleased with the results, it looks very natural and there are no visible signs of surgery. Big thanks to the entire team, a 10 for sure!



About a year ago, Dr. Ménendez Contioso operated on my 16-year-old son’s ears that stuck out quite a lot, and I want to congratulate him on a job well done, and for the kindness he showed my son throughout the hospital stay and the revisions. Thank you for everything.



I had thigh lift surgery 5 months ago with Dr. Antonio Muñoz after losing 12 kilos. He makes you feel calm and secure, he resolved all of my doubts and uncertainties, and I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend him hands down.


Thigh lift

I went to Dr. Muñoz’s office recommended by a friend who had surgery with him. My chest was overly large and saggy, and I had had terrible back and neck pain for years. During the evaluation, he answered all my questions and I trusted his expertise, which is why I decided to have surgery. I’m thrilled with how the operation turned out, and there are just two small scars that are barley noticeable and the back and neck pain has disappeared. Thanks so much to the entire team.


Breast reduction

I’ve always wanted to get surgery on my chest because the fat always used to build up there. I decided to have surgery in the end and it turned out much better than I expected, there was almost no pain and my chest looks amazing. The scars are small and I went home that same afternoon after the operation.



I’m a patient of Dr. Menéndez’s and I had a blepharoplasy in the upper and lower eyelids. I highly recommend him because he is an incredible professional all the surgeries I’ve seen done by him have turned out very well.



The doctor explained the entire operation in detail to me. His treatment toward me both in the operating room and after surgery was excellent. Thank you so much to Dr. Antonio Muñoz and his assistant, Cristina.



I’m a 38-year-old woman, and after losing 43 kilos, I had a big flaccidity problem. Which is why I decided to get more information in a consultation with Dr. Muñoz about an abdominoplasty operation. He explained everything to me, that the operation was not very painful and I left setting on getting the procedure.

I had surgery on January 19th. When I was taken to the surgery room I was very nervous in the beginning. Cristina, Dr. Muñoz’s nurse, calmed me down and was very kind and caring. Afterward, Dr. Muñoz cheered me up quite a bit and made me feel relaxed. Everything turned out amazing.  The treatment I was shown in the consultation with Dr. Muñoz and Cristina was excellent. I encourage everyone who has flaccidity problems not to think twice. They are incredible professionals. You’re in the best hands.




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