Women are making decisions more and more frequently to make changes to their bodies on how they want to feel in moments of intimacy and their private lives. The most intimate area of the female body can be sculpted and reshaped in order to bring out their sensuality, and to invigorate their sexuality. This is all possible through a labiaplasty or vaginal lip reduction surgery. The reduction of the lips, labiaplasty or ninfoplasty are procedures that have been performed since many years ago but which are becoming more and more popular due to the importance they play on female sexuality, and to feel confident in their own skin. Hypertrophic labia minora can be a problem cosmetically, but can also cause women to feel uncomfortable with certain tight-fighting clothing, from defects in hygiene, and even pain during intercourse. CBC can help you with a labia reduction to correct these problems so that you feel good and confident in your most intimate area, and to help improve your quality of life. Call now or fill out our online form for your free consultation.
Labiaplasty consists of the reduction of the labia minora which due to birth defects or because of other types of problems such as hypertrophic labia, ‘sagging’ or asymmetrical labia, which can also lead to more frequent infections and can be very uncomfortable. The extra tissue is removed during the labiaplasty surgery and the skin flaps are stitched with absorbable sutures. In certain cases the rejuvenation of the intimate areas can be combined with other surgeries, principally the labia majora or the Mount of Venus.
Labiaplasty is an outpatient procedure, and done under local anesthesia and sedation. The surgical time usually lasts about an hour.
Labiaplasty recovery can be uncomfortable for the first few days although the symptoms are easily controllable with pain medication. Small hematomas usually appear, as well as inflammation that will go down gradually throughout the first week. Patients can go back to their normal routine just a few days after surgery. It is recommended that patients abstain from having sexual intercourse for four weeks after surgery to maintain excellent hygiene throughout this period. The stitches are reabsorbable due to which they do not need to be removed.


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