Combined surgeries

In CBC Surgery Institute we strive for innovation. We know that the decision to have surgery is difficult for our patients, which is why we offer the possibility to ‘take advantage’ of improving on multiple cosmetic issues at once. We are experts in combined cosmetic body surgeries, which show spectacular results in your body in just one operation, and without posing a threat to our patients’ safety and security. Many women have confided in CBC after pregnancy with the desire to recover the stomach they had before, and also to undergo a breast lift or a breast augmentation. Men are also candidates who have flaccidity in their abdomen area wish to eliminate accumulated fat in their chest.



As far as other novel treatments, CBC Surgery Institute offers various procedures. Among them are:

– Breast augmentation combined with implants and patient’s own fat. Reduce the fat in your stomach or hips, and help give a natural shape to your breast augmentation.

– Liposculpture and improvement of the facial skin folds, wrinkles or deformities through an autologous fat transfer.

– Abdominoplasty, associated with a liposuction or lipolaser, for the best possible results.

if you’ve ever caught yourself wondering if it would be possible to transform your body from one day to the next, contact us and get all the necessary information free of commitment on the possibility of undergoing that drastic change in your body that you’ve always dreamed of. Our surgeons will assess your situation and whether or not you are an ideal candidate to undergo multiples procedures at once.