Reconstructive breast surgery

Breast cancer has unfortunately became frequent and many women will have to face it throughout their lives. The surgeons at CBC Surgery Institute are specialists in Senology and Breast Cancer Surgery, employing innovative Oncoplastic Surgery techniques, that timprove the cosmetic appearance of the operated breast at the same time the oncoplastic surgery is performed. We are conscious that n certain cases it’s necessary to completely extirpate the breast entirely, and the psychological toll that takes on women. If this is your situation, CBC utilizes all the latest techniques for Reconstructive Breast Surgery, so the joy of having overcome breast cancer isn’t overshadowed by the mutilation of the breast.

The surgeons at CBC Surgery institute have helped many women survive breast cancer, and to improve the cosmetic aspect by way of innovative techniques. Among the most innovative techniques are implemented in breast cancer oncoplastic surgery, breast cancer preventative surgery, and reconstructive breast surgery utilizing the patient’s own fat.

Focal point of Breast Reconstruction

Your body is unique, just as the treatment your disease needed, which is why all treatments at CBC are personalized, which the surgeons will explain in the first consultation. Often times, a correct evaluation before going in for surgical oncology can open the door to being able to perform the

Among the different Breast Reconstruction techniques, one in particular stands out:

Flap Techniques.

These procedures use muscle, fat or skin from other parts of the body such as the abdomen or the back to recreate the breast. In many cases, the flap technique is combined with breast implants. It’s a technique indicated generally for radiated tissues.

Tissue Expansion.

An expander is placed that allows for the distension of the skin in order to be able to introduce a breast implant. It’s a simple technique, and highly recommended in cases of non-radiated tissue.

Masectomy Skin Sparing.

A complex technique that is used in surgical oncology and reconstructive surgery in the same operation. The skin is conserved, and often times the areola, extirpating all the breast tissue and reconstructing it with breast implants. The demand for this surgery has increased after the famous surgery undergone by actress Angelina Jolie. In select cases it provides excellent results, and the happiness of having made it through two challenges in just one surgical procedure is tremendous.


Breast Implants

Breast implants are used to reconstruct the breast. It is often combined with the flap techniques or tissue expansion. We at CBC Surgery Institute we invite you to share your case with us and we promise to provide you with the most personalized treatment possible to solve your problem. Request your consultation online or by phone.


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