Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time, I wasn’t scared, and I wasn’t scared because I was in the hands of Dr. Antonio Muñoz, and I knew that if it were in his hands, everything would turn out well, and it did. He performed a radical double masectomy with breast reconstruction and just 15 days have passed since the surgery and I am already back to my normal routine.

I was fortunate enough to meet Cristina as well, who helps you to forget about all the troubles and heartache this brings. If I had to describe her it in adjectives, I would define it as HUMANITY and SIMPLICITY which make you feel like you are part of the family and that for people who are up against this disease and are going in for this operation means the world!

I want to thank the treatment they had toward me and how easy they made things…I have a long road ahead, but I know if they are there on top of things that everything will turn out well.

Some people say that doctors are just doing their jobs, I think there are many ways to do a job, and if all doctors did their job like Antonio Muñoz, things would be a lot easier.


Breast cancer surgery

Current statistics show that 1 in every 8 women will have breast cancer throughout their lives, making it the most prevalent oncologic pathology. At CBC Surgery Institute we are especially involved with the patients who suffer from this disease. We are experts in Senology, oncoplastic breast cancer surgery, and breast reconstruction after breast cancer.

Oncoplastic surgery for breast cancer comes stems from the necessity to cure women with this disease, while at the same time not having to destroy the breasts, or to create an unsightly unacceptable defect. We shouldn’t forget that a cosmetic improvement should never take priority over an adequate oncologic surgery for breast cancer. The surgeons at CBC Surgery Institute have the necessary experience and training in order to be able to achieve both goals, and to improve the quality of life and to sure that our patients have the best recovery possible.
The are multiple technique associated with Oncoplastic Surgery for the treatment of breast cancer, which can only be determined in a personalized assessment to be able to opt for the appropriate treatment.
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