Nipple reconstruction

There are occasions in which the nipples or the areolas can be a problem as far as appearance, even in women who are happy with the size and shape of their breasts. This complex can even condition the clothing they choose to wear, lingerie and even sexual confidence.

The most frequent issues are inverted nipples, large nipples, or overly large areolas. All these problems have a solution in the hands of the expert surgeons at CBC Surgery Institute, who will assess your case on what would be the most appropriate procedure so that you will feel the most comfortable with the shape and size of your areola and nipples. We are conscious of the fact that despite being a relatively small area of the female body, it can have a big impact on the physical appearance of the breasts.

Generally all of the procedures regarding the areola and the nipples are done on an outpatient basis, and the patient will be able to return to work in just a matter of days, and the pain is moderate with minimum discomfort.

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In the event of inverted nipples, the technique is usually done with various periareolar incisions that are practically unnoticeable. A few internal stitches will allow the nipples to achieve the desired projection, and avoid secondary issues of infection due to difficulty in hygiene maintenance.
As far as the areola, the most common procedure is to perform a reduction in the diameter, which can sometimes be excessively large. The incision is made around the edge of the areola, which makes the scar minimal and unnoticeable. This procedure is very frequently performed together with mastopexy or breast reduction surgery.
The procedures around the areola and the nipple are done in an isolated manner under sedation on an outpatient basis, hospital stay is not necessary.

In the event this procedures is associated with other breast surgeries, a hospital stay may be required.

The postop process in a nipple reconstruction surgery is usually smooth, with minimal discomfort and a fast recovery. Patients can usually go back to work the day after surgery.
In the event of a reduction in the areola, the external stitches are usually removed after 8 days.


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