Breast reduction

Having unusually large breasts can lead to not only esthetically unpleasing results, but can also cause physical and psychological problems. Cervical and back problems and submammary skin irritation caused by sweat are all common consequences of macromastia or gigantomastia.

In order to solve this problem the surgeons at CBC Surgery Institute, experts in Breast Surgery, offer Breast Reduction surgery or Reduction Mammoplasty as part of our services.

Innovation in Breast Reduction Surgery

In CBC Surgery Institute we strive for innovation, and often times a lot of patients are good candidates for a combination of breast reduction surgery and laser surgery techniques. By performing a breast reduction with laser, our surgeons can create an elegantly shaped appearance by cutting out skin in unwanted areas and thus obtaining excellent results.

We invite you to read our testimonies of satisfied patients who have confided in CBC Surgery Institute.

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The technique consists of extirpating the excess skin, breast tissue and adipose tissue. The type of incision, and consequently, the resulting scars must be evaluated on an individual case basis.

Generally, it can be exclusively periareolar, or in more severe cases, in the shape of an inverted T, the largest area being hidden by the submammary circle.

Standard procedure usually entails leaving a drainage system that is taken out 12 hours later.

In some cases, it’s an option to have a reduction by way of liposuction, almost completely avoiding any sign of scarring. This process, however, has very limited indications.

Duración de la cirugía : 2-4 horas

Anestesia: General

Ingreso hospitalario: 12-24 horas

Patient will be able to return to almost normal activity within 24-48 hours.

The majority of the discomfort is alleviated by medication prescribed by the doctor, although discomfort may last up to a couple weeks.

The patient should wear the bra we provide continuously for the first 3 weeks.

The stitches are reabsorbed on their own, which is why it is not necessary to remove them; inflammation will not subside completely until up to 3 to 6 weeks.

After undergoing the breast reduction surgery, patients can go back to work in 2 to 3 days, and in just a few days will be practically ready to resume normal activity.

Strong physical activity should be limited during the first 3 weeks.

Strong physical contact with breasts should be avoided for the first 3 to 4 weeks.

Scars will initially be really good quality due to the meticulous methods when performing the sutures, although they will resume their normal maturation process post-surgery, due to which they will have a reddish color for 3-6 months in order to work up to the point of their eventual reduction in size until they are practically unnoticeable at 12-18 months.

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