Breast implant revision

After a breast augmentation, it’s important to undergo an annual mammogram, of both breast implants. It is recommended annually and usually calls for a physical exploration of the chest as well, and an echographs study.

At CBC we’re experts in Senology and Breast Revisions, and for not even half an hour of your time a year, you can rest assured that your implants are in good shape.


There are two main objective in these checkups, on the one hand to detect possible premalignant deformations that can be resolved with a simple surgery, and secondly to detect small ruptures in the breast implants, as well as initial capsular contractures.

Breast implants revision surgery

There are many reasons why women make the decision to undergo breast implant revision surgery:

  • Rotura de los Implantes
    Although ruptures don’t usually lead to health problems, it’s recommended to change the implants out for new ones to avoid silicone leaking outside the prosthetic capsule. The small initial ruptures aren’t perceived by the patient, which is why it’s important to go in for a checkup periodically, while evaluating the breasts at the same time.
  • Unsatisfactory results
    In some cases, a woman may not be pleased with the surgical results needs a second correction.
  • Capsular Contracture
    This complication happens when the tissue that forms naturally around the implant begins to contract, creating for a hardened breast which does not look natural. The surgery to change the implants out and the capsular extirpation is the solution to the problem.


The breast implant revision surgery is a surgery that requires more surgical capability than a breast augmentation. The surgeons at CBC Surgery Institute specialize in Senology and are experts in reconstructive breast surgery to provide the best results for patients.

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