Brazilian butt lift

Patients often wish to eliminate localized fat in the abdomen who ask if it would be possible to transfer the fat to the breasts or gluteus. The problem used to be that the rate of reabsorption was too high to be able to have real success with the procedure. CBC avoids that issue by using the latest technology system called Body jet, which makes for a drastic change in results allowing for the fat transfer to another receptive part of the body with a 70% survival rate. Due to its high success rate, the majority of Brazilian butt life surgeries are performed through this fat transfer method in order to guarantee the correct usage of the fat and to favor its durability. Due to the fact that the Brazilian butt lift procedure is performed with the patient’s own body fat, the results are very natural with practically no chance of rejection. Request your free consultation by phone or by filling out our online contact form for your personal assessment.
The most common Brazilian butt lift surgery method, in order to produce the most natural results, is done with the patient’s own fat. At CBC we utilise the lipotransfer of fat method by way of our Body jet system which is currently the most innovative technology on the market. We are able to collect the fat from area of the body that is bothersome to the patient, generally in the abdomen and the ‘love handle’ region, and after being processed for injection of the fat in the gluteus in order to achieve the desired results. With Body the fat has a much higher survival rate than with other more conventional techniques, allowing for the tailoring of the results to the  patients’ needs and expectations.
Brazilian butt lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and usually lasts from two to three hours. HOSPITAL STAY Brazilian butt lift surgery usually requires a one-night hospital stay in order to better manage the initial discomfort.  
Generalmente ,la mayoría de las paciente se incorporan al trabajo una semana después de la cirugía. Para la realización de mas actividades físicas se suele esperar 3- 4 semanas de la intervención. Nuestros cirujanos le aconsejaran sobre las principales recomendaciones del postoperatorio para que este sea satisfactorio.