It’s very common that with the passing of the years, signs of aging can be bothersome, even while we are still young, when they begin to become anti-esthetic wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows and the well known crows feet. We understand that undergoing cosmetic surgery can be excessive for minor situations such as these. That’s why CBC offers services like boto to its patients, a ‘minor’ treatment that can have a big effect on rejuvenating your face with no scarring and no postoperative care.

Our professionals, experts in Cosmetic Treatments, will rejuvenate your look, and eliminate those signs of aging, without changing your natural gestures and expressions. We stay away from leaving patients with faces that have visibly been retouched. Our patients confide in us because we make them feel younger and improve their physical appearance, without any noticeable signs.



Easy and Effective Treatments in CBC

A botox treatment provokes the facial muscles to temporarily relax, caused by wrinkles due to facial expressions among other unwanted wrinkles, which become more and more evident everytime the muscles contract. Show off smooth skin with no wrinkles and no scars from surgery in just a matter of days.

No recovery time is required due to the fact that in CBC, our experts use the finest needles possible, and the treatment is performed in a matter of minutes. Local anesthesia is not necessary, because the pain is usually minimal, and the effects generally last up to 6 months. Getting appoints for periodic retouches will make the signs of time and aging on your face disappear.

We recommend that you request a free consultation with our professionals if a botox treatment is right for you, as well as to determine whether or not it would be beneficial to combine the botox with an additional treatment such as facial fillers for the best results possible.

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