Dr. Antonio Muñoz Ortega
Dr. Antonio Muñoz Ortega is the director of CBC Surgery Institute, cosmetic surgery Marbella. He is specialized in Surgery and has a Postgraduate degree in Cosmetic Surgery and Senology.
His three Master’s degrees, two thesis essays as well as his training in breast surgery in New York (Mount Sinai Hospital) and Barcelona (Clinic Hospital and Quirón) have distinguished him as a doctor of reference in Cosmetic Surgery, Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast and Abdominal Surgery.
Hospital in Marbella, together with Dr. Menéndez.
Information of interest about Dr. Muñoz, renowned surgeon in Málaga and Marbella:
– International Board certified in Body Contouring Surgery
– Triple masters degree in: Cosmetic Surgery, Oncoplastic and Breast Reconstruction Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine
– Recent awards: Golden Star Professional Excellence Award (Institute of Professional Excellence April 2016 Marbella), European Medal of Merit award for outstanding work (July 2016 Madrid)
European Association of Economy and Competitiveness Award, Certificate of Excellence Award 2016 by Doctoralia.

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